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Rust Remover

Rust stains are very simple to remove from carpets and upholstery.
Protects acid free, powerfully strength rust remover starts to dissolve rust stains on contact. Apply a generous amount of rust remover to the stained carpet and literally watch it disappear in just minutes.

The fast action of Protects Rust Remover
is specially formulated to transform the rust molecules into a transparent aqueous solution that can then be easily extracted from the carpet by simply rinsing with cool water. Rust stains from furniture legs, filing cabinets, exercise equipment or other metal objects are no problem for Protects professional strength rust remover.

Simple and Easy to use.
Just apply a generous amount of Rust Remover onto the stain. All size bottles come with an easy to use application spout that applies the product at just the right amount. Next, aggitate the stain using a blunt object like a coin, spoon or piece of plastic. Then sit back and watch as this product does it's magic. Most common rust stains will be dissolved in just minutes. Once the stains is gone, simply rinse the stain with cool water by blotting with a clean white towel or extracting with a carpet cleaning machine. Some tough stains may require a second application, repeat process as described above.

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rust remover

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Client Testimonial
I am still in disbelief! I had what I thought was an impossible large rust stain from a heavy metal filing cabinet that corroded onto my basement carpeting. Right before my very eyes I saw the rust stain literally disappear! I can't say enough about this product and your invaluable tips you imparted. Your customer service goes way beyond carpeting!...and great service is hard to come by these days. I look forward to using the rest of the carpet cleaning products, and I have every confidence that they will perform equally as well as your Rust Remover.
Thank you so much!

Catherine Matheson,
Ontario, Canada