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Armenian Painters Armenian Painters
In this section we would like to present biographies and over seven hundred paintings of the most eminent Armenian Painters. Paintings are organized in thumbnailed galleries. You are welcome to read biographies and view brilliant works of Hovhannes (Ivan) Aivazovsky, Martiros Saryan, Minas Avetisian, Hakob Hakobyan, Grigor Khandjyan, Roudolf Khachatrian and Gevorg Bashinjagyan.
Armenian Rugs and Carpets
From ancient times carpets and rugs have been regarded as a vital necessity in the Armenian domestic life. Armenian rugs, renowned in the remote Middle - Ages and even earlier, are proof of the fact that the Armenian people have played a most important role in the creation, development and perfection of rug making, one of the applied arts of the most ancient peoples of Asia Minor, the Middle East and the Transcaucasus... More
Armenian Rugs and Carpets
Armenian Miniatures Armenian Miniatures
Miniature is one of those essential forms of medieval thinking in art, for which canons were elaborated for many centuries, which had absolute, universal value. The ability to express his own thoughts through this absolute value raises the medieval master to the level of individuality. There were such individualities in Armenian miniature painting. Among them may be mentioned Grigor Tatevatsi and the Anonymous Painter of Syuniq, whose sincere... More
Armenia and Kharabagh Maps
You are welcome to the zoom-able maps of Armenia and Gharabagh section of our Web Site. Hi-quality historical maps of Greater Haik by "Ashkharhatsuits", Arshakunians Kingdom, Greater Haik Kingdom, Western and Eastern Armenias will be presented to you as well... More
Armenia and Kharabagh Maps
Sona Avagyan Armenian Singer: Sona Avagyan
Sona Avagyan is one the best singers and songwriters of Armenia. Possessing unique talent, she has captured the hearts of many. The official Web Page of Avagyan Sona's page with biography, photo, demo MP3s and message to you is now moved to new Web Address:

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